International Travel

Children of separated/divorced parents, who are travelling with only one parent or neither parent (such as with coaches of a sports team) should have a notarized Letter of Consent for International Travel. This document should be executed by the non-travelling parent(s) before one of our Notaries Public. In fact it is strongly recommended.

More information can be found at the Canadian Foreign Affairs and International Trade website at:

On that website can be found standard, fill-in-the-blanks forms, which should notarized and which should be acceptable in any country to which your children are travelling. We recommend having at least three copies executed together; one for the supervising adult/parent to keep on his/her person, one to be kept separate (in luggage or a carry-on, for instance) and a third to be kept by the parent(s) giving consent for the child to travel. When it comes to notarizing such documents, our Notaries Public only charge for the initial document and provide an additional two or three copies at no additional charge.

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